I’m an artificial intelligence researcher and entrepreneur whose primary goal is to provide quality education to all students worldwide. In addition to core technical competencies in AI and software, I’ve cultivated soft skills in leadership, client development, and communication.


I wrote the book Education: The Next Hundred Years, available through Barnes and Noble and as a Kindle Book on Amazon. The book combines insights from my research, teaching, and consulting experience to provide a roadmap for transforming education over the next century using emerging pedagogical and computational technologies.

AI Competencies

I have research experience in many flavors of Machine Learning, with a specialization in Reinforcement Learning and Reinforcement Learning Theory. The core of my doctoral work was on the application of machine learning and other innovations to educational problems to improve the scalability and equity of educational innovation. Some of the problems I’ve developed models for include adaptive assessment, spaced repetition, and content evaluation and recommendation.


My dissertation, Query Strategies for Directed Graphical Models and their Application to Adaptive Testing, brings together machine learning, computer science theory, and education research to develop scalable and effective methods for generating assessments for new topics. This is an important step forward in education research, as it allows us to easily create (and then use) rigorous measures of learning to evaluate educational interventions, pedagogy, and policy. My thesis defense is also available on YouTube.

Relevant Papers

Video Course

I created the video course “Hands-On Artificial Intelligence for Small Businesses”, published through Packt. This course covers several main types of machine learning, and each section discusses a common business problem that can be solved using a technique from the course, including everything from understanding your customers better to making automated recommendations that improve over time. This course also introduces artificial neural networks, t-SNE embeddings, and Thompson sampling for multi-armed bandit processes.

Other Experience

Math Expertise

I also have a thorough background in mathematics and probabilistic analysis. I published a few papers as an undergraduate:

Software Competencies

Business Experience

I’ve consulted on applications of AI for Speedio in Brazil, Special A Education in China, and various organizations in the US. I also manage an LLC, including finances and HR.



Students or people I have mentored on significant projects are listed here. (H|U|M|D) indicates High School, Undergraduate, Masters, or Doctoral students. ‘*’ indicates ongoing collaboration

In alphabetical order:


Ph.D. Student at Brown University 2016 - 2021

Graduate of the University of Kentucky 2013 - 2016

Honors and Awards


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